William's story
FOCCAS is a foster home based rescue group in Coos Bay, Oregon. (on the Oregon Coast) None of these animals are located in the animal shelter; they are in our homes, being treated like our own pets. We show them for adoption on Saturdays 10-4 in Pony Village Mall in North Bend, Oregon. We are next to Sears; you can enter through the end by First Interstate Bank OR walk through Ross Dress for Less. We can make other arrangements to see the pet, depending on the situation and foster homes..............
birthdate: 6/28/2018 His adoption fee is $75. It includes neuter, felv/fiv/HW tested, fvrcp(s), rabies vaccination, dewormed, flea treated, 24 PetWatch microchip with registration, 30 days free Shelter Care pet insurance, free wellness checkup with your choice of 13 veterinarians, goody bag, going home carrier...........
William and Olive are siblings who were originally adopted at 3 months old on 9/20/18. Their adoptive family was not home a lot and these kittens were given free run of the house. They lacked supervision to encourage good house manners during their curious kitten stage. They were later placed in the family's garage where they had only minimal human contact and interaction. Both cats are currently being fostered by their original foster family who took in their pregnant mother and fostered the kittens since their birth.
Notes from their foster family: William is a friendly, confident cat and enjoys cuddling. He is a bit of a rebel and his curiosity gets the best of him. Olive is more reserved but warms up gradually. Olive gets nervous around loud children and will hide until things are calm. Olive is an exceptionally intelligent cat. She is affectionate with those she has deemed trustworthy. She has readjusted well in her foster home. If she's caught scratching furniture or getting into something, she quickly runs to the cat scratcher and proudly claws away at it to show that she is once again learning to know right from wrong. William is a scavenger and gets into things but he's learning how to be less raccoon like. We've been trying to be consistent with discouraging bad behavior. They are kittens so they just need positive reinforcement and guidance.
They have been eating a combination of dry kibble: Nutro Kitten and Taste of the Wild. They enjoy a treat of Friskies Pate style wet food once daily but William tries convincing us he should be eating the wet food more.
William and Olive love playing with cat toys and chasing the laser. They are good cats when they have stuff to keep them occupied. They will need to have access to a cat tree with scratching posts so they aren't scratching furniture. They responded better to the cat tree and scratcher after I sprinkled a little catnip on it. I use organic catnip from Coos Head Food Co-op. My cats all prefer that catnip for some reason.
Both cats have very unique and different personalities. They are bonded but Olive is more dependent upon William than William is to Olive.
They are in a foster home with 1 other foster cat and 4 resident cats (one of them is their mother) as well as small dogs and both cats get along with all the animals. There was some hissing and reserved behavior towards the other animals but after a few days they were fine.
There is a special adoption fee for both adopted together..............
UPDATE AND POSTED ON THE FOCCAS FACEBOOK PAGE WITH MORE PHOTOS....This is William and Olive, they are 8 month old siblings. I first fostered them when they were newborn. They were adopted out at 3 months old but the family's circumstances changed so they are back with Friends of Coos County Animals looking for a forever home.
William is a regal looking cat with fluffy, gray hair and cute tuxedo markings. He is great with kids, cats and dogs. If I could use one word to describe William I'd say he's mischievous. I'm thinking when we originally named him, we missed the mark a bit because he was named after a prince and I believe Loki would have been more fitting. That's the God of chaos. William has a bit of a fascination with water. He loves jumping up to the refrigerator and hanging off the lip of the water dispenser with one paw while he presses the water dispenser with his other paw. On a positive note, my floor and fridge have never been cleaner because I'm constantly wiping up water. So I think we're looking for a home without an in-door water dispenser on the refrigerator, unless yours has a lock, because mine doesn't. Thanks Samsung.
Olive is a beautiful, silky jet-black girl. She's mature for her age. She has impeccable house manners and acts more like an older, calm cat. I think Olive is one of the most intelligent cats I've ever seen. She was extremely nervous around loud noises and small children but her personality has blossomed since coming back to us and she's confident now, even in a sometimes loud home, so I wouldn't label her non-kid-friendly. She approaches people on her terms but she is friendly and enjoys affection. She gets along great with other cats and dogs. She's a bit more well-mannered around dogs because unlike William, she doesn't try to high five them when they walk by. She usually just ignores them and gives them their space. Olive knows when I go to bed that its time to snuggle. She sees me shutting stuff down for the night and runs ahead to get in the bed and wait for me.
Each cat has a very different personality. They are like night and day. If you adopt them together, you get the best of both worlds. Think: warm sunshine, nice relaxing ocean waves with Olive and big city, bright lights, exciting night-life with William. We were hoping to adopt them out together because they were extremely bonded but since being back here at my house, Olive seems to be becoming less dependent on William as each day passes. So if someone is interested in one (hopefully William ) please don't pass up the opportunity to adopt him - I mean them. If you adopt them both you'll get a well behaved cat (Olive) and a mischievous raccoon-like cat that keeps you on your toes (William).
I don't want to kill Williams chance of finding a home but I want to be honest. He's a great cat but he is the most curious cat I've ever dealt with. He's smart, maybe too smart. He can open cereal boxes. Like ones that were never opened. He drags around hairbrushes and hides them. He stole my jalapenos I had on the stove in the produce bag and built a fort under the kitchen table with clean clothes he took off the bench. I found one of the missing jalapenos in his fort. When we open the refrigerator William tries jumping in it. I mean literally jumping in it. Yet when the front door is open, he doesn't try running out. I think he knows there is no food outside. See how smart he is?
Both cats have good bedside

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